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Is weQless That Good?

Stop Paying For Subscriptions Plans You Don't Need​. Seriously!

All our competitors want you to subscribe to endless billing plans and/or take massive cuts on your sales. We believe there must be a much fairer way.

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How Good Is weQless?

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One platform, multiple solutions

No App Needed

Let's face it, no one likes downloading apps! Save your customers from using up precious phone space! weQless is accessible on any device with a web browser.

QR-Code Payment

By simply scanning a QR code in a venue, a customer can access menus, make an order and pay via apple/google pay or debit/credit card or paypal.

Social Media Integration

weQless integrates seamlessly with WhatsApp and Messenger. Allowing your teams to stay in touch with your customers on apps they already use.


weQless lets you handle your own in-house or crowd-sourced fleet of delivery partners. You set the delivery rates & commissions.


Customers can select a pick-up time at checkout. You let them know when their order is ready!

Table Booking

weQless has a powerful built-in table booking system, allowing your customers to reserve a table while they are still home or on their way.


Create an unlimited number of venues in different locations, each one having their own staff members, customers and handling their own orders.


Secure those recurring revenues by letting customers subscribe to their best meals and drinks. You set up the billing period and fees and just relax.

Paperless Receipts

Dinners no longer want a paper receipt. Digital receipts are more convenient and reduce unnecessary waste.

Affiliates Program

weQless lets you run affiliates programs, enabling you to get more sales by inviting crowd-sourced sales agents who get paid each time someone purchases from you via their affiliate link.

WooCommerce Based

Proudly built on top of woo-commerce, the most popular cart system powering more than 40% of e-commerce sites.
Practically, this means your integrations & customisation possibilities are endless.

Immersive Mobile Experience

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Multiple Venues

Pay for weQless once and add an unlimited number of venues. It's YOUR platform after all.

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No App Download

Your customers land directly on the menu page after scanning a QR-Code.

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Optimized For Sales

weQless allows your customers to pay Apple/Google pay OR debit/credit card OR PayPal.

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Table Booking

Allow your dinners to book tables via weQless and stop paying premiums for something so basic.

we work for you
Not against you.

Hospitality businesses are plagued with all sorts of apps eating up a significant portion of their income. 

We believe not everything needs to be consumed on subscription or on a commission based. 

Pay for weQless once and get your profit margin back!

Secure & Seamless Mobile Ordering

Customers can order or pay the bills from their seats without queuing by scanning the menu's QR-Code on their tables.